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It’s time for our weekly RIDE TV Cowgirls recap! For Episode 3, the cowgirls head up to Ute Stampede for another round of rodeo.


As the episode opens, we learn that Rainey has done something to the complete shock of the other cowgirls…and it involves a new last name. Say goodbye to Rainey Gibbs; Rainey Williams has entered the building!

As the girls attend the rodeo parade, they get a surprise visit from Rainey’s new husband, Ryan, whom many are meeting for the first time. Tears may or may not ensue.

In bronc news, Duke is not the only one injured anymore. Brittany got injured two separate times at two different rodeos in the same weekend and is now on crutches. She tore three ligaments in her left ankle and she has a non-displaced fracture in her right tibia. Jane fractured her radius after a rough dismount.

Before the rodeo, Sarah talks to some women’s bronc riding newcomers, and gives some solid advice for any viewers that might be interested in the sport. “Squeeze, sit, and lift.” We see first-timers Michaela Whittaker and Audrey Austin try their hearts out in saddle.

After the newcomers, our core cowgirls enter the chutes. Some runs go better than others, leading to a trip to the emergency room for one of our fab five, Rainey. A broken clavicle promises surgery and eight weeks of recovery, a.k.a. no rodeo for two months.

Short a rider for the Saturday of Ute Stampede, Misty Studley from Big Spring, Texas is introduced as the third wild card. She’s been riding bulls since 2007 and she’s ready to start bronc riding. We learn a bit about Misty’s past, including her start in bull riding, her years in a women’s penitentiary, and her spiritual recovery.

A rogue stirrup, some nasty falls, and a new bounty horse later, and we have a winner.

To see the final scores and find out who wins the buckle and $1,000, be sure to watch the full episode on RIDE TV.

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