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Brittany Miller……

For the fifth episode of Season 3, the cowgirls hang their hats in Window Rock, Arizona for their first PBR event. Their excitement is clear, but don’t think everything went off without a hitch…


We’ve seen where Duke, Sarah, Rainey, and Brittany have come from, and Episode 5 gives us a look at Jane’s background. She started out in 4H and went on to compete in the world of rodeo queens. Later, she found trick riding. She currently rides at Riata Ranch and is working to improve her skills day by day. Jane even notes that trick riding serves as cross training; she says her seat while riding has significantly improved.

While in the Grand Canyon State, the cowgirls head to the famed Window Rock Tribal Park for some natural sightseeing, leading to some important native history from the Vice President of the Navajo Nation…and quite an extreme climb for some of the girls.

Just before the rodeo, Stock Contractor Melissa introduces Carly Ramsey as Brittany’s replacement. Aubrey is meant to replace Korie, who is still recovering from last week’s injuries, but Korie insists on riding. The other girls express concern, especially due to the stigma about female riders getting injured, but Korie doesn’t give in.

Meanwhile, Duke battles nerves, but after an inspirational talk from Miss Navajo Nation and some excitement from the PBR stands, she gets her head in the game.

When the cowgirls arrive at the arena, they notice a big—or small—problem; the arena is much tinier than they’re used to. They worry about how the rides will go, but decide to make the best of it. During the performance, the horses reach the fence and abruptly turn, causing some nontraditional rides.

The long go brings the kind of drama that you have to see to believe. Be sure to catch Cowgirls every Wednesday at 9/8C on RIDE TV.