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Many people find music to be a stress reliever. Riders are no different! Some enjoy turning up their tunes before they hop into the saddle. It can be motivating, relaxing, and inspiring all at the same time. There are definitely some cons to listening to music while you ride though!

Music While Riding


  • Influence your mood
  • Calm your nerves
  • Help you develop a good rhythm
  • Boost your confidence
  • Fixate on things less


  • Lose focus on your ride
  • Can’t hear what’s around you, which can be dangerous
  • Disconnected from your horse

There are also different ways to listen to your music. Some put in headphones, while others enjoy a sound system in their arena. Another cool option is a Rock N Ride. This smartphone speaker attaches right to your saddle. It plays music, receives phone calls, and much more.

It’s really a personal decision. The most important thing is if you do decide to listen to your tunes while riding, then make sure you stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t get so distracted then it becomes dangerous!