Rider Needs Hear

Horseback riding is tough! Riders need to be aware of certain information in order to make it in this industry. There’s a lot of people willing to help, but make sure you’re ready and willing to listen. You might be surprised with some of these tips and pieces of advice, but they are proven to be useful to all equestrians no matter what discipline or horse you ride.

1. Find a good instructor who’s willing to share everything they know. These type of mentors don’t hold back the good stuff for themselves. They share the highlights and pitfalls of the industry.

2. Don’t be in a hurry, especially in the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with just starting out and being a newbie. Embrace the learning curve and have fun doing new and exciting disciplines.

3. Surround yourself with horse friends. You want the people who believe in you, not the naysayers. Pick your friends wisely around the barn.

4. Every horse is worth your time. There’s a lesson to be learned on every single horse in this world. Be open and ride every horse.

5. Be prepared for real physical exhaustion! I don’t care if you’re cleaning around the barn or riding, your body is going to feel it. Sore arms, legs, thighs, and butt muscles are all signs you’re working hard.

6. Listen to the unspoken words of your horse. They’ll let you know what works and doesn’t, how they feel, if they’re in pain, and when enough is enough.

7. Never stop learning. Pick up books, magazines, documentaries, training videos, and watch other riders. Be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge you can.

How great is it to be a horseback rider? There’s so much to learn! You’ll make tons of great friends, both in human and horse form. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.