It’s a well-known fact that horses are expensive. Even riding lessons can drain your wallet quickly. There are a few ways to make it more affordable though. With these clever tips and tricks, you’ll be to stay in the saddle.

10 Tips to Make Riding Affordable

1. Less frequently: Lower the amount of lessons you take each month. If times are hard, then aim to take one lesson every other week instead of weekly.

2. Work for your ride time: Offer to clean stalls and feed in exchange for lessons or extra riding time. Most barns would love the extra help!

3. Get a job as an exercise rider: Whether paid or just for fun, exercise riders get to spend a lot of time in the saddle. You can start by posting an ad to see if anyone needs their horses worked. Another option is to exercise racehorses, if you have the necessary credentials.

4. Clip or pull manes: You can earn a little extra cash on your free time by offering to clip or pull manes. Some horse owners don’t enjoy these things or don’t have the time, so they are more than willing to pay someone.

5. Sell extra tack: Do you have tack that’s lying around or collecting dust? Why not sell it for some extra riding money!

6. Show less frequently: Competitions are a lot of fun, but they’re also very expensive. Try to limit the amount of shows you go to each year. Don’t forget to check out: 5 Tips For Showing Horses On A Budget!

7. Spend wisely: Look for good deals on riding apparel and equipment. Coupons, big sales, and used tack will definitely make things more affordable.

8. Self-care board: If you own or lease a horse, try to find self-care boarding. It requires more work and effort, but you’ll save quite a bit!

9. Share your horse: By sharing your horse or doing a partial lease, you can split the expenses with another person.

10. Change barns: Unfortunately, you may have to look for a more affordable barn. Fancier places will likely cost a lot! Some smaller or more rustic barns can be much less. Never sacrifice quality of care though!

What are some of your favorite tips for making riding affordable? Please share!