Horseback riding on the beach should be every cowgirls dream! There’s nothing better than the warm sun, salty air, and tumbling sound of waves all from the back of a horse. Are you ready to get the horse trailer out and plan a trip? Start your journey in Maine. It’ll take your breathe away.

Carousel Horse Farm offers riding packages for those looking for sand, waves, and horses. If you don’t want to bring your own horse, you can ride one of their quiet pros. The rules can get a bit tricky when it comes to Maine’s beaches, but Carousel ensures that everything runs correctly.

In Maine, horseback riders are limited to low tide. You’ll have to ride either in the morning or evening. It’ll be worth it to see the sun rise and set though. You can choose from Popham Beach if you need to borrow a horse. Pine Point is the preferred spot for those who bring their own horses.

The tours that Carousel provides cost $350, no matter if there’s four riders or one.

The farm offers wagon and sled rides depending on the time of year. Check out one of their regular trail ride tours, as well. It’s your chance to see Maine’s beautiful wilderness. Any skill level can enjoy this trip.

If you’ve been dreaming of riding along the shore, now’s your chance to make it a reality. Your whole family can enjoy a fun trip to Maine, just make sure to add horseback riding to the itinerary!