Most riders take a tumble at some point. Horses are unpredictable and mistakes are made. These riding fails will open your eyes to the danger of the sport. The important things to remember are be safe and get back on if you can!

This little girl went for a wild ride on her spunky pony. Someone forgot to use their breaks!


I always knew fox hunting was a dangerous discipline, apparently muddy too! At least, she got back on and cleared the jump.


Ouch! This cowgirl is tough as nails. Barrel racing isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of guts, as the falls can be nasty.


Jumping is another dangerous discipline. It just takes one refusal to go flying over your horse. In this case, the rider went down head first. How scary!

Mistakes happen! Some are nastier than others. This barrel run took a turn for the worse when her horse slipped.


This poor horse jumped too soon. It appears he missed the target!


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