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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! The cowboys of Broncs and Donks saddle up and take their mules on a trip to the Little Grand Canyon. Some of the scenery will leave you speechless. They also make some daring moves, but the mules handle it like pros. Join along!

Riding Mules through Western United States

While you may prefer riding horses, mules are actually the best for canyon rides. Their sure-footedness and strength make them far superior in these situations. They’ve been carrying visitors through the Grand Canyon since the late 1800s. Over 600,000 people have taken a ride on one. The Grand Canyon National Park Lodges offers 2-hour rides covering 4 miles of breathtaking trails.

If you rather watch the ride virtually, then check out this video. They take young mules through the terrain. Get ready… it’s quite fascinating to watch! Some of their maneuvers will have you on the edge of your seat.

Wow! Those views sure are gorgeous. Riding in the Grand Canyon should definitely be on your bucket list.