Cowgirl - Skirts


Your passion for horses is year-round! That’s why Arctic Horse created a unique line of riding skirts to keep you warm, dry, and ready for the toughest of elements. Cowgirls, I know it’s important to be practical, but now you can be both stylish and well-prepared. Are you excited yet?

Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt- Long Full, $299; Arctic Horse.

Winter riding gear that’s insulated, waterproof, and breathable! This skirt comes in a handful of fun colors and is unique to your size. It even doubles as a quarter sheet, so that your horse enjoys the added warmth too.

Tongass Rain Riding Skirt- Long, $299; Arctic Horse

Even rain won’t stop you now! There’s nothing worse than heading to the barn and the skies looking questionable. If the weather doesn’t hold up, that’s ok! These skirts are designed to keep your legs, saddle, and horse’s back dry.

The Outlander Wool Riding Skirt, $299; Arctic Horse

This skirt is made from medium-weight wool and humanely sourced from sheep. It’s a classic addition that’ll make you feel like you’re part of a long-gone era. How romantic!

Backcountry Trail Riding Skirt- Short, $269; Arctic Horse

Both for work and riding, this knee-length skirt is extremely versatile. It’ll protect your legs from bushes and sharp sticks out on the trails or just around the barn.

Each skirt is handmade from a small, woman-owned business in Alaska. They’ve been tested out on the trails by real equestrians. Let your love for the barn and riding continue through all the seasons of the year.