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Reining is an exciting discipline! It requires some unique maneuvers like sliding stops, spins, and various sized circles. Don’t underestimate the amount of skill these riders have. Their seat, legs, and upper body must work together to support the horse’s movement.

A Breakdown of the Sliding Stop

Hayes Cofell offers a detailed explanation of the sliding stop. She shows you what the horse does, how the rider should position themselves, and improvements that can be made. This helpful visual will make riding a sliding stop much easier!

Some Pointers:

  • The rider’s hip should direct the movement, rather than follow. The hip should move faster and bigger for the horse to grow in speed. The hip will lock when it’s time for the stop.
  • The legs of the rider will stay on the horse until the stop, in which they’ll come completely off in a big gesture.
  • Lastly, the upper body remains straight in the direction the rider wants to go. Their hand will stay really still, as well.

It can be helpful to visualize what you’re supposed to do before you ride a sliding stop!