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“What happens when two motivated young women see a hole in the Western entertainment industry? They start a podcast!”- Hannah Beth and Katie Blue describe their start with the Call Me Cowboy podcast!

Their mission is “to speak candidly about topics ranging from Western influencer culture, owning small businesses, horsemanship, large rodeo events, and more.”

Can you please tell me a little bit about your podcast?

“The Call Me Cowboy Podcast is an ‘anything goes’ show where two girls in the Western industry come to talk about the lives of everyday cowgirls! [We the] hosts, Katie Blue & Hannah Beth, talk about social media, running small businesses, the Western industry in general, and much more, all to bring the everyday cowgirl community together one episode at a time.” 

You’ve talked about doing a live morning show. Please tell me about that! Where can listeners tune in? What time? 

“Call Me Cowboy will be hosting its very first live show in Las Vegas during the NFR 10-11 AM PST from December 8th to the 11th! It will be featured on the Call Me Cowboy Podcast Instagram (@callmecowboypodcast), as well as posted to the same Instagram so it can be watched anytime afterwards!” 

What does the schedule look like? 

This Year’s Lineup Includes: 

  • December 8th: Kaitie Blue & Hannah Beth
  • December 9th: Marijka Hunsaker (@marijka_dam)
    • plus podcast interview with Liz Lawson (@westcoastwrangler)
  • December 10th: Maddi Dunbar (@madimccall_)
  • December 11th: Shaley Ham (@westdesperado)

What are some of the topics listeners can look forward to hearing? 

“These shows are going to be super cowgirl, casual, and fun as they will all be ‘Get Ready with Me’ style, with all of our guests! Everyone watching will get a taste of Vegas as we recap our nights, talk about things coming up, and of course, put on makeup for the NFR!” 

The ladies pride themselves on their “authentic voices and genuine passion for the western way of life” creating something that they, themselves, would want to listen to and enjoy!

Mark your calendars, cowgirls! This is something you don’t want to miss!