Ritzy Gypsy Original Boots Cowgirl Magazine

“Be uniquely you” in a custom pair of Ritzy Gypsy Original Boots!

These one of a kind booties combine western chic and boho flair, so there’s no doubt you’ll be the talk of the town when you step out in them.

Leopard print will always hold a special place in my heart! The combination of  black and brown will match everything in your closet, all while adding a fun twist.

You know what they say, everything comes back in style! These vintage cowboy boots are having a fun second life.

Loving the feel from the wild colors paired with what you “thought” were boots that had seen better days. Think again!

Talk about a throwback! If I’m not mistaken, the tegu lizard on the toe matches the embellishments the ladies at Ritzy Gypsy so thoughtfully added.

Be still my heart. Can’t you just picture yourself walking down the aisle in these?

These boots are as chic as they come! I’m loving how the bold shade of orange adds the perfect pop of color to these stunners.

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