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A roached or hogged mane is completely shaven. Many disciplines welcome and encourage this look. Sometimes, your horse will need their mane shaved for medical purposes or because it’s too tangled. Whatever your reason, this style works really well on many horses. It gives them a clean, polished look.

How to Roach a Mane

  1. Prep the mane by detangling knots and washing it thoroughly with shampoo. It must be dry before clipping, though.
  2. Get your clippers ready. A #10 blade will get the job done!
  3. Start at your horse’s wither and on the side the mane falls. Pull the mane tight and carefully start removing it.
  4. Now, move to the other side and tidy it up. You’ll want to start at the wither again.

Follow this helpful tutorial by Pro Equine Grooms for a step-by-step guide on how to remove the mane correctly. You’ll want to be careful of getting too close to the skin.

Simple enough! What do you think of this look… Could your horse pull it off?