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Art Guitars.

If you’re searching for a guitar that has the WOW factor, an Art Guitar is calling your name! The man behind these stunners is Rick Hublein, whose ultimate goal is to craft unique masterpieces, each more stunning than the next, “Utilizing the cool classic styles of American designed guitars, we set out to offer guitar lovers something beyond the ordinary.”

Rick, you have succeeded in your goal to be extraordinary. Now…who’s ready to see the guitars?

Bison T- Caster Deluxe. Art by Lyndon Gaither.
Motel Capri T-caster.
Queen of the West T- Caster.
Longhorn T-Caster. Art by Lyndon Gaither.
Texaco Elvis T- Caster.
War Bonnet T-Caster.

If you’d like more information on these beauties, click here.

All photos courtesy of Art Guitars.