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Rodeos are overflowing with excitement: the events, the atmosphere, the people, and the fashion. Styling your rodeo outfit can be a long process, but Rock & Roll Cowgirl denim definitely helps.

Their functional-yet-fabulous designs ensure you’ll look great moseying around the rodeo, and you’ll be comfortable all day long.

Here’s how to style some of Rock & Roll Cowgirl’s latest denim:

Day 1

Rock & Roll Cowgirl Mid Rise Flare Jeans , $79.99.

Rock & Roll Cowgirl’s Mid Rise Flare Jeans make rodeo days even better. The cut fits right over boots, and the brass studs add major flair to the classic style without reducing comfort or functionality.

A light-colored top with a small pattern adds some excitement without looking overdone. If you’re looking for a pop of color, it’s as easy as tying on a wild rag.

Pair with some broken-in boots, a tooled concho belt, and a matching hat, and you’re more than ready for the rodeo.

Day 2

Rock & Roll Cowgirl Rival Bootcut Extra Stretch Jeans, $79.99.

The dark wash of these Rival Bootcut Extra Stretch Jeans make them an ideal for pairing with a bright, saturated top. The yellow wild rag pulls out the subtle yellow stripes in the top, and the tooled leather belt and hat ground the look with neutral colors. Some silver, dangly earrings pull the look together.

Day 3

Rock & Roll Cowgirl Trouser Extra Stretch Jeans, $79.99.

For that day when you’re feeling a little edgy, the Trouser Extra Stretch Jeans can really bring the heat. Go for a black belt with square conchos instead of round ones; the sharp angles will add to the overall edgy vibe of the look. To match your belt, break out a nice dark felt hat and your best black boots. A tied patterned top of a dark color gives the look some dimension while maintaining the midnight mood.