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Everyone has seen the going trend of women rocking men’s jeans. I’m not so sure if it’s because of the classic high waisted fit, the straight leg, or the raw denim that isn’t infused with stretch. Whatever your pull towards the men’s jeans are, you’re sure to be noticed when you wear them.

Here are a few favorites to stick in your closet and wear to the barn or to the bar. Whatever the occasion is, you will be dressed and ready for what life brings to you. Let’s start off with some rocking Levi’s. Alix Guin is known for wearing some sweet Levi’s while putting in a days work.

Another luxury of wearing men’s jeans is the prices tend to be lower. Check out these Kimes RanchRaw Dillons” that are made for wear and tear. Throw a pair of leggings over them and go to the branding or roll the bottoms up and rock them with sneakers around town.

Photo taken by H Nicholas Photography

Another great fit is a pair of silver label Cinch Jeans. Cinch makes a few in different shades and with slightly different fit, but the silver label seems to be the top pick for the ladies. Their high-fitting waist makes it feasible to do everyday activities.

Maybe you’re not so laterally inclined, so try a pair of retro Wranglers out. The light wash and long straight legs paired with a set of heels is a to die for look. It will give you the appearance of being six feet tall.

Maybe one of these days the Western industry will start making jeans like they did back in the day with real denim and high waists. Until then, us ladies will have to buy in the boy section and match our dates.