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Riders love their Rocky Mountain Horses for a variety of reasons. Their dark chocolate body and flaxen mane and tails are sure to grab your attention. They also inherited a four-beat lateral gait that is smooth and easy to sit. This breed has so many unique qualities that make them stand out!

  1. Though a chocolate body and flaxen mane/tail is very desirable, this breed also comes in black, bay, palomino, and chestnut colors. According to their registry, they cannot have white markings above the knee or excessive white on their face.
  2. The Rocky Mountain Horse Association was formed in 1986. All of the horses can trace their lines back to a single stallion, Old Tobe.
  3. This breed doesn’t actually trot, instead they have an “ambling” gait. It’s a four-beat gait, which is very smooth.
  4. Worldwide, there are roughly 15,000 of these horses. Each year, fewer than 800 are newly registered. More than half of the population is located in Kentucky.
  5. They are very versatile! You can find the Rocky Mountain Horse working on farms, pulling carriages, trail riding, and showing competitively.

This breed is so impressive and eye-catching. Because they’re somewhat rare, consider yourself lucky if you get to own or ride one!