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The great Frank Sinatra said, “Cock your hat. Angles are attitudes,” and man, was he right!

Hats have once again become a staple accessory in a good woman’s wardrobe. They are the perfect way to add that extra bit of distinction and flair to whatever look you are trying to create. Whether you are going for sassy or serious, the Tracker by Rodeo King says both! And what’s even better? It comes in three fun colors! Merlot, denim, and olive are all a little off the wall and sure to get you noticed, but not so much so that they won’t match your waiting wardrobe!

Photo courtesy of Kylie Cole Photography.

Pinks, purples, magentas, and even deep reds are all just waiting to be paired with this Merlot Tracker!

Photo courtesy of Kylie Cole Photography.

Olive is a newfound love of mine. It pairs so nicely with neutral tones, while still bringing just enough color to your ensemble to set it off.

Photo courtesy of Steve Robinson Photography.

Denim. Need I say more?

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