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With a “knack for storytelling that proves she’s wise beyond her years (CMT),” Mikayla Lane releases her newest single and cinematic music video for “Rodeo Money,” available everywhere. Written by Mikayla and Bridgette Tatum, who co-wrote Jason Aldean’s No. 1 hit “She’s Country,” an produced by Jimmy Ritchey (Jake Owen, Clay Walker, Mark Chestnut), “Rodeo Money” paints a striking visual of the heartbreak and loneliness of sharing the love of a cowboy with his love of living the rodeo life.

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In the music video, Mikayla “mulls a romance with a cowboy who is more in love with the rodeo life than anything else.” “Rodeo Money” was filmed in Mikayla’s hometown of Tulsa, OK at the Ford Truck Arena and was directed by Justin Mayotte, executive produced by Cole Johnstone with storyboards by Mike Harris.

Courtesy of Mikayla Lane

“”Rodeo Money” is a unique spin on the “cowboy riding away” theme commonly heard in country music. It embodies the feeling of what many people experience if they are in a relationship with a rodeo athlete.” Mikayla shared.

Tatum shared her enthusiasm on co-writing the track saying, “Writing “Rodeo Money,” we got to capture the real relationship the cowboys are in. The thrill, the road and the cash. Mikayla’s roots delivered the performance in a way that helps the listener understand the story and empathizes with the lonely ones that can’t quite hold on to those hearts. Proud to have been a part of this one!”

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