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A rope halter is commonly used when doing groundwork with your horse. It’s a long piece of rope that is knotted in special places. These knots act as pressure points on your horse’s face. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, there are a lot of reasons to use one!

Tops Benefits of a Rope Halter

Training: Pressure is applied to the nose and poll area of the horse for improved communication. When the horse is obedient, the pressure can be released as a reward.

Better fit: Varying sizes and diameters allow for a customized fit.

Less likely to break: Some horses quickly learn how to break a traditional leather halter. They lean into them and pull till they snap. This won’t happen with a rope halter. *Caution is advised when tying though!

Versatile: They can be used when leading, riding, and even lounging your horse.

Perfect feel: Rope halters feel good in your hands. They’re the perfect weight and very supple.

It’s essential you fit and tie the halter correctly! Watch the video below for a tutorial.

Check out this DIY project: Make Your Horse A Custom Rope Halter!