rue de seine new collection cowgirl magazine

If you didn’t want your cowboy to propose before, you will now. Rue De Seine just released Golden Rhapsody, a collection that, in their words, was inspired “by the rising sun and a kaleidoscope of hues that stretch across majestic lands.” Wow.

This collection is made for colorful, vibrant brides. Gold, purple, pink, and bronze dance among the traditional white. To those looking for unique dresses, Rue De Seine says “You got it” with Golden Rhapsody.

Bakari – Fawn, $3,800.
Kyara – Blush, $3,200.
Priya, $4,250.
Maneesh, $3,475.
Archer, $4,250.

For the more traditional bride, there’s plenty for you in the new collection, too! The brand made sure to include some white and off-white gowns with their more colorful pieces.

Gaia – Clay, $,375.
Atlas, $3,450.
Kyara – Off White, $3,200.

The gowns in the collection are all priced between $3,200 and $4,250. Not too bad when you consider that Kleinfeld’s has dresses for tens of thousands.

Mavin, $3,700.

We’re honestly pumped to see a wedding shoot with some of the colored gowns from Golden Rhapsody (see the full collection here). Would you dare wear one on your wedding day?