A good horse should be treasured! Some might say all horses have the potential to be good with the proper instruction from an experienced rider or trainer. You might not be an expert, but there’s some things you should keep in mind when riding and handling your horse. After all, you wouldn’t want to “ruin” him or cause bad behavior.

Don’t catch yourself doing these:

1. Spoiling your horse without setting boundaries for a respectful relationship

2. Putting the sole blame on him for why your rides never turn out how you want

3. Using a saddle that doesn’t fit correctly

4. Choosing the wrong bit for your horse’s experience level

5. Trying to fix things quickly with training gadgets

6. Not having the proper experience for a young, green horse

7. Relying on books or videos without an experienced set of eyes on you every once in a while

8. Being inconsistent with how often you ride

9. Setting unrealistic goals for yourself or your horse

10. Allowing inexperienced or rough riders to ride your horse without supervision

Don’t jeopardize your well-behaved horse by doing these ten things. You might cause him to develop a bad behavior or poor work ethic.