Are you interested in dating a barrel racer?… Get ready because she’s a very special type. Barrel racing requires speed, endurance, and lots of confidence. These cowgirls risk it all and have fun doing it! They’re courageous and passionate.

Rules for Dating a Barrel Racer

  1. Get ready for late nights. Rodeos are usually on the weekends and evenings, so you must be flexible around her schedule.
  2. Don’t question her spending habits. Tack and riding apparel are expensive, but a must for every barrel racer.
  3. You can’t be intimidated by her strength. She cleans stalls, lifts hay bales, and rides everyday… she’s going to have some muscle.
  4. Hay will be everywhere. She’ll have it in her car, on her clothes, and in her house.
  5. You can’t be afraid for her. Running barrels requires speed. Don’t try to convince her to choose a slower sport.
  6. You better like long drives. These cowgirls are always on the road tracking down their next rodeo.
  7. Get comfortable around horses. She’ll always appreciate your help holding or grooming her horse.
  8. You must learn the lingo. If you want to hang out with her friends, you best learn some horse terminology.
  9. Never try to compete with her horse. She’ll always pick the horse…
  10. Cheer her on! It feels nice having someone who supports your dreams and passion.

While these cowgirls may live on the dangerous side, they’re also passionate and hardworking. You’d be lucky to date one!