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These Run-Ins Are Perfect For Your Horse Farm

Who needs a barn? Take a look at these unique run-in sheds!

January 21, 2019

PC: Nanda Sheds.

Run-ins allow your horse to spend more time where they belong…outside! Most horses are much happier out in a field rather than locked in a stall. However, horse owners often worry about rain, snow, wind, scorching heat, and frigid temperatures. Run-ins offer your horse protection from nasty weather.

Check out a few cool designs to get some inspiration. You might not even want a barn after seeing these!

PC: Horse Properties.

This simple design has three sides and is constructed of steel and wood.

PC: Shed Unlimited.

Check out this lovely example! It has a feed/tack room that is completely sealed off with a door.

PC: Pinterest.

Similar to the one above, this smaller run-in has a tiny area for storage. The four sides will offer even more protection against wind, rain, and snow.

PC: Life in a Little Red Farmhouse.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something with good airflow, this might be your match.

Choosing a run-in can be tricky, especially with all of the different options. Take your time and examine what features will be most helpful for you and your horse.

Cowgirl Hotlist

Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!