Runaway Horse

Runaway Horse

You thought your ride was going great, but then your horse decided to take off. Runaway horses can endanger you, themselves, and anything in their path. This serious problem needs to be fixed before someone gets hurt! Follow these tips to stop the bolting horse.

Tip #1

Find out why he is bolting: Little disobediences, such as walking off while mounting, can begin to quickly add up. Your horse might feel as though he can get away with naughty behavior. Other times, an uncomfortable saddle can trigger explosive behavior. Stress and spooking will also make a sensitive horse panic.

Tip #2

Fix issues before they explode: If your horse is getting hotter and hotter, redirect his attention. Don’t pull back with both reins, as that can make matters worse. Instead, try a one-rein stop where you disengage his hindquarters by bringing his head around to one side. Work on this ahead of time.

Tip #3

When it’s too late: If your horse begins running away with you, it’s time for emergency action. Stay calm and grab the horn or his mane to help support yourself. Lift one hand and rein up toward your shoulder while pulling back. The other rein and hand should be braced against his neck. You want to bring him into a large circle.

A runaway horse is a serious problem. It is wise to consult a professional trainer when dealing with this issue.