Muskoka Lifestyle Products has been manufacturing rustic lighting/infrared patio heaters and other various rustic pieces since 2009. Our company founder Matthew comes from one of the world’s largest fitness manufacturers where he designed and developed and patented many unique designs. Matthew Left and opened up MRP Design Engineering which continues to operate today. From MRP, he created Muskoka lifestyle Products brand oriented line of things he enjoys. We have had great success with our brand and product line offerings. We are continually adding new items to our catalog and we listen close to our customers.

“We are a small family run business located in Logan Utah. Muskoka Lifestyle Products is a brand-oriented arm of our design firm “MRP Design Engineering”. We have highly energetic and an extremely talented team devoted to creating leading edge and innovative products designed by people that share the same styles of rustic and comfort Lifestyle. We are users of the product we create.

“The Muskoka Guaranty to you is simply this. We will put our customer’s needs first. We will insure on time delivery to the best of our capability’s. We will deliver only quality product that is meant to give the end user the best experience possible

“While on a business trip to Ontario Canada with a client and now good friend, we passed through many small quaint little towns, the towns you see in the movies that you think are so picturesque. I was in love with everything I was seeing. For me personally, it simply is one of the most beautiful areas I have witnessed. As we were traveling we talked about new products, favorite pass times, hobbies, fish stories, and of course Hockey. As we continued down the road, we passed a sign that read “Muskoka city limits”. Muskoka I said, I like that name, what does it mean…. Muskoka? Already being emotionally connected to the beauty I was witnessing and the story I was told about the name it clicked. I finally had the company name I wanted, Muskoka Lifestyle Products. This is the lifestyle I live and I am passionate about sharing it with others. We take great pride in designing products to compliment this relaxed family oriented atmosphere and lifestyle.

“Muskoka Lifestyle Products mission statement and our guaranty to all customers, suppliers, friends and family. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond what is needed to ensure quality, on time delivery, with cost effective designs. We will not jeopardize the quality or performance of any of our designs in an attempt to be the “cheapest” and lowest price. Integrity in our company is built on our promise. With our combined experience we are confident we will stay on top with innovation and cutting edge product with the understanding that our customers will make all this possible. You can put your trust in us to make sure you are taken care of.” -Muskoka Lifestyle Products

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