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Rustic Modern written by Chase Reynolds Ewald. Photographed by Audrey Hall.

A well-known architect once wrote “Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life, designers save lives by constructing a life worth living.”  Nothing more accurately demonstrates that idea than the work displayed in the inspired book by author Chase Reynolds Ewald entitled Rustic Modern.

Rustic Modern is the method of interior design that refers to the use of historic period room installations or furniture within a more modern overall room design.  Having penned several books and articles on the art of style and design, Chase Reynolds Ewald is an expert in the field.  Rustic Modern highlights her extraordinary gift for translating the excellent sense of space and composition displayed in select Western homes into words.  Gifted and internationally acclaimed photographer Audrey Hall captured the images of the interior of houses in Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, and the Bay Area that show examples of pristine, uncluttered looks, accented with reclaimed wood, uniquely crafted chandeliers, and western and native art. 

Whether driven by one’s interest in modern architecture, rustic interior decor, or simply a beautiful portrait of the homes and lifestyles of the West, Rustic Modern is the perfect gift for hosts, friends, or oneself.  It is a superb resource for readers seeking ideas on how to transform their domicile into a magnificent, visual presentation.