Saddle Fitting Template

Saddle fitting can be tough! A good place to begin is with the gullet size. And while this isn’t the only thing you should look at, it is extremely important. A gullet that is too narrow will pinch your horse’s shoulders and one that is too wide will fall on your horse’s wither. You need to find the size that fits just right! This template from Horse Saddle Shop can be very helpful in determining the correct size.

Photo by: From Hey! to Horses

This free gullet tool offers 3 sizes:

  • Medium Angle: 86 Deg +/-3
  • Wide Angle: 90 Deg +/-3
  • Extra Wide Angle: 94 Deg +/-3

The medium is said to be semi-quarter horse bars or regular. The wide is known as full-quarter horse bars. And lastly, the extra wide has Haflinger or draft bars.

Follow the directions (courtesy of Horse Saddle Shop) for downloading and creating your templates.

  1. Cut out both sides of the template. There should be a left and right side.
  2. Discard the center parts.
  3. Tape the two sides together to create the outline of the saddle gullet.
  4. Use the template to trace onto cardboard.
  5. Cut out the outline of the gullet from the cardboard tracing.
  6. Place the outline on your horse where the fork (front of the saddle) would rest.
  7. Horse Saddle Shop can help you find a matching saddle!

Download the gullet template: Click here!

Saddle fitting doesn’t have to be hard. You just need the right tools and support!

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