Saddle Pad

Don’t underestimate the impact your horse’s saddle pad has. It can greatly affect their comfort and performance. ThinLine has a range of western saddle pads that meet the needs of both horse and rider! Their pads are sold globally and for good reason.

Contour Western Ranch Pad, $235-240; ThinLine

Recommended by vets, saddle fitters, riders, and trainers, this western saddle pad is fleece lined with the ThinLine material sewn into the panel. It comes in a range of colors and even sizes.

Some of it’s key features include a raised wither profile and swallow topline. It’s flexible and has stretch to it for a customized fit. Furthermore, the contour of the pad fits the natural curves of your horse’s back easily. There are vents across the pad to allow excess heat to move away, as well.

Your horse will have a more relaxed and freer stride with the 95% shock absorption rate. This saddle pad is amazing! Can you imagine how much more comfortable that’ll be for you?

Saddle Fitting Shims, $24-70; ThinLine

Shims are easily added and removed for a custom saddle fit. They’re shock absorbing and have therapeutic benefits. You can find a wide range of sizes depending on the fit you need.

If you’re looking for a quality western saddle pad, then you might have found your answer! These pads won’t disappoint.

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