Saddle Sack

How many times have you struggled to find space for your phone, keys, or wallet while riding? The Saddle Sack is literally the perfect solution to your problem! Fallon Taylor recently released new styles of these adorable packs that clip right to your saddle.

Saddle Pack, $19.99; Ranch Dress’n

Clip it to your saddle’s pommel and zip it up! There’s even a small compartment in the back to store essentials like a driver’s license. Stop worrying about where your phone or keys are and focus on riding.

You’ll love these new styles! Check them out.

Gorgeous floral design for a feminine look!
Spice it up with leopard animal print.
Love the teal serape vibes from this sack!

That’s not all! There’s many more new styles you won’t want to miss. Grab your Saddle Sack before they sell out! If you like Fallon Taylor’s designs, be sure to head over to First Look With Fallon Taylor: A Yes Brainer to view her helmet line.