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Stylish yet functional, rhythm beads add a beautiful touch to your horse. They drape around their neck like a piece of jewelry. Each one contains various beads and bells that jiggle with movement. They can be quite handy in learning your horse’s gaits and developing good rhythm, hence the name!

They come in a variety of colors and designs. Match your tack or choose a bold option that will stand out.

Hey, calling all Disney lovers! This Peter Pan necklace is so adorable.

Beautiful beads and a feather symbol give these rhythm beads an elegant feel.

Go for a classic look with black and white! This option by @speedbeads is so chic.

Turn up your sound! Here’s what the bells sound like when the horse is trotting.

There are quite a few perks to riding with rhythm beads. Many like to trail ride in them to alert others they are near. Others enjoy hearing the jiggling while they ride in the arena. Whatever your reasoning… they sure are beautiful!