Saddles Trail Riders

Saddles Trail Riders

Finding the right trail saddle is like hikers searching for good boots. No one wants to spend hours in the wrong saddle…it can steal the fun right out of your ride! With so many styles of saddles to choose from, it can be hard to even know where to begin. Luckily, the three saddles featured below are all excellent options that will increase not only your comfort, but the comfort of your equine companion as well.

From left to right:

Blue River Roper Saddle, $1,450; Dark Horse Tack

The Blue River Roper Saddle is quite a looker! The deep seat is perfect for trail riders who want to feel secure in the saddle. Of course, one of the coolest features is the skirt bags. You can store whatever you need for a long day of riding.

Double T Argentina Leather Trail Saddle, $530; Dark Horse Tack

The Double T Argentina Leather Trail Saddle is another great option! It has basket weave texture on the skirt, fenders, stirrups, and pommel. The seat is a smooth leather. I can’t get enough of the dark rich color. It’s dreamy! I bet you wouldn’t mind spending half a day or longer in that seat.

Bozeman Flex Trail By Tex Tan, $2,400; Dark Horse Tack

The Bozeman Flex Trail by Tex Tan Saddle rides like a dream. It has a flex tree to offer comfort to the horse, and also provides a plush, memory foam seat for the rider. That’s a win-win! The finish is called pecan with sunburst border tooling.

These gorgeous saddle options will guarantee a comfortable ride. When you begin your saddle search, sit in many different ones. Your ideal saddle could be the next one you try!

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