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Remain calm and relaxed around your horse.……

Horses are large animals. They can easily hurt us intentionally and by mistake. It’s important you remain safe at the barn by practicing good handling and riding skills. By following these tips, you can prevent both minor and serious injuries!

Tips to Keep You Safe

  • Stay calm when around them. Screaming and running can cause your horse to spook or lash out.
  • Always let your horse know where you are, especially when tacking and brushing them.
  • Wear the proper shoes when in the barn and riding. Scandals and flip-flops don’t belong around horses!
  • Helmets are a must when riding!
  • When leading a horse, make sure to use a lead rope clipped to the halter. You should stand at their shoulder when you walk.
  • Use a quick-release knot when tying your horse. They should be tied at their eye level and with no more than an arm’s length of rope.
  • Never go under your horse’s neck when brushing or tacking up.
  • You should also avoid getting on your knees or sitting on the ground near them.
  • When turning a horse out, steer their body back toward the gate before taking off their halter.
  • Feed treats from a bucket or flat palm.
  • Beginners should ride with supervision until they’ve become experienced.
  • Let someone know when you go to the barn and when you plan to be back, especially if you’ll be alone.

These are just a handful of safety tips. Makes sure to find an experienced handler and rider to show you the ropes in the beginning.