Cowgirl - Turnout

Cowgirl - Turnout

Don’t let an accident in the field hurt your horse. Turnout can be dangerous, but horse owners can make it even more unsafe for their horses by leaving halters on that don’t break away. Some horses always seem to find a way to hurt themselves; they’re just accident-prone. The last thing you want is to be the reason your horse got hung up on a fence. It’s time to invest in a breakaway halter!

Many people like to turn their horses out with halters. Often a horse that is difficult to catch will require the use of one. And many large barns utilize them for their convenience in catching and turning out an entire herd. If a horse was to escape or jump the fence, they’d be a lot easier to catch if they were wearing a halter. Whatever your reasoning, you’re not alone, as many equestrians turnout with them.

Before you throw away your halter, stop and take a look at the Leather Breakaway Pieces, free at Kensington. This little piece of leather can transform your current halter into a breakaway one. It easily snaps onto the hardware. The leather will snap or break if under large amounts of pressure. Ultimately, this helps the horse get out of whatever hang up he was in.

You can also buy a Breakaway Halter with Padded Noseband, $34.99 at Kensington, if you are in the market in a new one altogether. Like the leather pieces, this halter can help your horse avoid a potentially deadly situation.

Please take the time to invest in a breakaway halter or turn your old halter into one; you could be saving your horse’s life!