No one wants to fall off of their horse, but the reality is it happens. Your horse might spook, trip, stop suddenly, refuse a jump, or get overly excited. It’s important to remember no horse is completely safe. Horseback riding has its fair share of risks involved. However, you can minimize your risk of injury by learning how to fall safely.

There’s no guarantee that even if you follow these tips you’ll avoid injury. Unfortunately, a fall can be dangerous no matter how you do it. You can greatly reduce your risk though!

How to Fall

  1. Deep breathe
  2. Tuck
  3. Roll

It sounds simple, but you’ll want to mentally prepare ahead of time. Try to relax your body by taking a deep breathe. Once you realize it’s too late to avoid the fall, go with it and avoid tensing up. I know this is easier said than done!

Tuck your arms and legs into a ball. It’s natural to want to break the fall by catching yourself with your arms, but you take the risk of breaking them. Furthermore, you’ll want to roll away from your horse. The last thing you want is to get stuck under their legs and end up trampled.

Falling Tips

It’s a smart idea to let go of the reins. Many riders try to hold onto them when falling, but that can be risky. You won’t be able to properly tuck and roll if you’re too busy holding the reins.

Always wear a certified helmet that fits correctly. Seriously, this can save your life! Additionally, having your mobile phone nearby is a smart idea. Don’t forget to leave it on silent though.

There’s an old saying about falling off seven times to be considered a real rider… whether it’s true or not, you’re likely to hit the ground a couple of times if you take on this sport. Be safe and learn how to do it correctly!

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