Western riders wearing helmets. Photo by Troxel Helmets.……

Every cowgirl should take the proper measures to ensure their safety while riding and handling horses. It’s no mystery that they can be unpredictable and dangerous, even “bombproof” horses can spook. With the right gear, you can limit your risk of a serious injury!

Safety Tack with Western Flair

The Troxel Sierra Helmet has a fun western vibe to it, but for those that love their cowgirl hats this Resistol RideSafe helmet is perfect! It may not look like a traditional helmet, but it will protect your head like one.

Safety stirrups will make sure you foot doesn’t get hung up in the event of a fall. The side of the stirrup opens up to allow your foot to be released. These are aluminum and have a rubber grip for traction.

EZ Out Safety Stirrups, $74.99, Tractor Supply

Some riders may opt for a safety vest, which will protect sensitive areas of your body. These can be especially helpful when starting horses! This one has a form-fitting design and lightweight construction.

IRH Cushioned Riding Vest, $127.96, Riding Warehouse

Medical ID bracelets are great for anyone with a health condition. They should be worn at all times. Cowgirls may also choose to wear one with an emergency contact number. This can be helpful when going for trail rides or riding alone.

Urban Leather Bracelet, $34.95, American Medical ID

Other safety gear will include boots with a heel, jeans or riding pants, and gloves.