Cowgirl - Sage & BrassYeah, here I am talking about turquoise and silver again. It’s just a timeless topic in my eyes and you’d honestly have to pay me lots of money to stop talking about it. Especially when there are artists out there like Sage & Brass Adornments. If I can just be frank, their pieces inspire me. Yea, I’m a cheeseball, but I’m such a sucker for their beautiful work. Their stone choices and artistry are always on point and they have a way of nailing the western/southwestern style without being cheesy. And as any good western fashionista/designer/artist knows, that is a FINE line.

Plus, I’ve noticed one of my FAVORITES, Prism Boutique, has picked up several of their pieces and that is such a huge accomplishment and I’m proud of any designer that can work their way up to the big leagues while maintaining their quality and creativity. With that said, I don’t know you, but high-fives and props, Sage & Brass. Y’all are killing it!

As for the rest of you turquoise junkies, don’t walk…RUN and go check out their work at AND

Oblong Turquoise Bangle