Sage Kimzey and Danny Amendola.……

Bleacher Report and Wrangler brought football star Danny Amendola and 6X World Champion Bull Rider Sage Kimzey together for their new digital video segment, Breaking Boundaries. Sage and Danny’s episode, which premiered yesterday on Bleacher Report’s YouTube channel, is called Comparing Scars.

Worlds collide as Sage and Danny tell stories of their closest calls in their respective sports, as well as compare and contrast the dangers of football and bull riding.

At first glance, football players and bull riders might not have much in common, but Bleacher Report and Wrangler’s conversation between Sage and Danny prove that wrong. Both men travel constantly, deal with life-threatening situations on the regular, and worked extremely hard to follow their dreams.

In the wake of his 2019 NFR win, Sage Kimzey proposed to longtime girlfriend Alexis Bloomer, who just found her dream wedding dress!