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At the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo on February 11th, six-time world champion bull rider Sage Kimzey injured his ankle while riding Powder River Rodeo’s Hot Pursuit and is now recovering from surgery.

“I had seen that bull, and he’s usually a nice bull and he just didn’t have his day,” Kimzey said. “I made the whistle (and had a score of 67), and then he flopped on me right after the whistle. [Bullfighter] Cody Webster came in and pulled my bull rope and got me out of there and got the bull out of the arena. I was standing over by the fence, and I hobbled out of the arena and got over to the chutes and the pain kind of hit. I thought this was going to be more than a bruise. I got some X-rays that night, and the X-rays came back negative, so I went and got an MRI in the morning (Feb. 12).”

The surgery Kimzey took on is meant to expedite the healing of sprained ankles. It’s called “tightrope” due to its technique of tying together rather than bolting with screws.

“My fibula rotated quite a bit, and whenever that happens there’s not really a choice but to accept to have surgery,” said Kimzey, 25. “I like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and this is painful. The joint’s unstable because of the injury. I want to go in and get it fixed, and recovery time is going to be shorter and should come back just as good as ever.”

Kimzey stated that he anticipates being back in the chutes in a few weeks, ideally by next month.

“I hope to be back around the first of March, but we will play it by ear, and I will listen to my body,” Kimzey continued.

Sage Kimzey has earned $23,338 so far this rodeo season, putting him sixth in the Feb. 18 PRCA | RAM World Standings.