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Photo courtesy of Sage Kimzey on Instagram.……

Seven-time World Champion Sage Kimzey announced this afternoon that he will not be competing the rest of the 2022 season due to shoulder surgery.

He shared on social media:

“Unfortunately I have heartbreaking news to share, my 2022 season has come to an end. Today, I found out that my shoulder will require surgery to fix. For 10 years I’ve rode with pain and it’s time to fix it. At this time Dr. Tandy is trying to find out the best approach to fix it because it is a complex injury.

Although my season was cut short, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. For 160 seconds of work, I was able to win $115k from 11 rodeos and 9 Xtreme Bulls.

I’m looking forward to rehabbing and working as hard as possible to get back for 2023. It will be nice to finally get on bulls, healthy.

Thank you for the support, stay tuned for behind the scenes looks into my healing process. I also have a big project in the works for the end of the year!

I especially want to thank my sponsors for always supporting me and thank you to Justin Sportsmedicine Team for holding me together all these years.”

Get well soon, Sage! We’ll be sending positive thoughts your way.