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Sam Elliott.

Sam Elliott is the furthest thing from underrated, but, in the past, his co stars have been in the spotlight more than him. This is an injustice, because Mr. Elliott is one of the most iconic stars in the Western movie genre. Check out 5 reasons why Sam Elliott is the best.

1) Even when he says few words, he still delivers an amazing performance: He may not have had many lines in Tombstone, but he still stole the show.

2) He never changes: The man never ages…seriously!

3) His acting just gets better and better with time: Many people think Sam’s best role was Lee Hayden in the 2017 drama The Hero. 

4) He’s royalty in the Western genre: Between him and his wife Katherine Ross, who played Etta Place in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the two have starred in some of the most iconic Western films in history.

5) A man of many talents: Sam doesn’t just act, he also produces films. Oh, and he also sings…talk about a triple threat.