Moccasins have been around for quite a while, but they haven’t always been this cute! San Agustin Moccasins come in several different colors, quite a few different styles, and conform to your feet so they fit only you just right!

“All of our moccasins are handmade. We hand stitch chap weight suede leather tops to a hard and flexible white latigo sole. The chap weight suede leather is a soft leather that is textured and durable. We use a latigo sole which is made from cow hide. The latigo leather sole is thick and has flexibility. The suede tops and latigo leather soles of our moccasins will form to the shape of your feet. This adds to the comfort and uniqueness of our moccasins. The forming and flexibility attributes of the latigo sole leather will allow your feet to walk in a natural state, much like walking barefoot.” -San Agustin Moccasins

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