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Traveling with jewelry can be hard! It gets all tangled up and it’s just almost worth not taking it. Especially when your jewelry is vintage turquoise and other authentic jewels, it’s a headache! Double D’s designer, Cheryl McMullen, got so frustrated with this issue, she decided to fix it herself! And thank goodness she did! She came up with the Santa Fe Jewelry Travel Case!

Here is her smart solution for the savvy traveler and collector of Southwest jewelry: an oversized, zippered case that solves jewelry transport problems with multiple layers and compartments. It features: 

  • a soft-sided, square zippered case to protect and organize bracelets, necklaces and other jewels,
  • a malleable sueded drawstring bag to hold squash blossoms and chunky necklaces,
  • a sueded zippered envelope to safeguard slab earrings,
  • a lift-out ring tray to organize oversized rings that opens to reveal a hidden storage compartment,
  • a removable, padded bracelet bar to grip chunky cuffs,
  • an elastic envelope on the inside lid to keep tab necklaces and other jewels,
  • a snap on, snap off band to organize earrings,
  • four snap off loops to compartmentalize and keep chains from tangling,
  • and a silver polishing cloth for buffing on the go!

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