Sanuks are the perfect footwear to rock during the hot months of the year.

Summer is here and in full effect y’all!

When it’s time to leave behind your boots, Sanuk gives you the best of both worlds, which is a huge plus for a cowgirl. Sanuks are not only cute and comfortable, but they are made to be perfect for wearing to the beach.

During the colder months of the year, pair these babies with some jeans for a look that will make you stand out and turn some heads.

Donna Crochet in Black – $60.

Donna Crocket in Oatmeal – $60.

Funky Fiona in Natural Sonoma – $55.

Donna Daily in Dark Olive – $50.

Donna in Natural Poncho – $55.

Donna in Pink Poncho – $55.