Sometimes one illuminating journey leads to another. Sara Syms‘ new single “Unknown Road” and accompanying music video really bring the vision of the alt-country genre to life and embody the traveler cowgirl spirit of taking the road less traveled and embracing a new adventure. Sara expertly captures a fresh alt-country sound paired with indie/folk/rock leanings.

Photo by Laura Schneider.

When she sings, “I’m here/I’m there/I’m everywhere,” she truly means it, as her vocals in this track surround you. They are quiet but possess a silkiness that tiptoes against your skin. The chill electric guitar that carries the track transports you somewhere else entirely.

Sara shares, “‘Unknown Road’ is about our connection to self discovery. Our connection to the earth. Wherever you go, there you are. We are always searching outside ourselves for what we’ve had all along. We just need to take the time to tune in and connect to our inner compass. It is also a nod to the 4 directions of the medicine wheel in spiritual practices and what each direction represents in our journey back to self. In the end, not all who wander are lost. We all eventually find what our heart is searching for.”

For Sara, her own odyssey of self-discovery ignited the creation of her new album, The Darkest Light. Its 10 songs unreel as a spiritual and emotional travelogue with a brilliantly woven soundtrack that ranges from transporting and textural to deeply rooted.

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