Sarah Darling Where Cowboys Ride Dream Country Cowgirl Magazine
Photo courtesy of Sara Kauss Photography.

Sarah Darling has taken the country music world by storm with her latest album, Dream Country. 

While there are many beautiful songs on Sarah’s newest musical venture, Where Cowboys Ride is one of the tracks that stands out, as it is a powerful love letter to the state of Wyoming.

With lyrics such as, “Golden fields, wide open skies, a million stars, to paint the night, horses run, and rivers wind and cowboys ride,” it isn’t difficult to feel yourself being transported to the wide open plains that Wyoming is famous for.

Sarah believed her lyrics would inspire people and she was right, “When I wrote “Where Cowboys Ride”, I had only dreamed about actually being able to shoot it where I drew my inspiration for the track.  Several years ago I played a rodeo in Wyoming, and was absolutely taken by the beauty.  It’s such a magical place, and you are immediately transported back to the old West. It’s a nostalgia I long for and I think others do too. I ended up writing it with a good friend of mine Zach Runquist who loves Wyoming just as much as me. I sent the track to the Wyoming Tourism board sharing my love letter for their state, and now we have partnered up together.

When it came time to film the music video for Where Cowboys Ride, Sarah wanted to stick to originality, which is why the beautiful video showcases real cowboys living the ultimate dream, roaming wild and free, just as Sarah wrote in her song.

Without further ado, here’s the music video for this inspiring song!

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