Photo courtesy of Cowgirl Cait on Instagram……

As an avid horse saver and boss lady, Cowgirl Cait just might be “our favorite influencer.” She runs the Corral West Horse Adventures which specializes in rescuing horses to serve as a local adventure and tourist attraction in Goodyear, Arizona. By the way Cowgirl Cait influences through social media, you’re gonna want in on her concept!

Although this influencer makes rescuing horses look glamorous and easy, she works hard to “fight uphill battles” and keep her dreams alive.

“Save a horse today & they’ll have your back forever”

Cowgirl Cait

You can read a few heartfelt stories on some of the rescues over on her Instagram!

It’s pretty amazing to see some of the transformations the Corral West Horse Adventures has facilitated for their horses!

Check out this comeback! Cowgirl Cait calls him “One-Eyed Jack.”

After each rescue is restored through Cait’s tender love and care, they can be adopted or used for lessons at their ranch!

Cowgirl Cait’s favorite breed? Rescued.

You can feel Cowgirl Cait’s passion for rescuing horses through the phone.

Does this influencer make you want to save a horse yet?