Save Horses

Save Horses

As a horseback rider, you know just how amazing horses are! Perhaps you feel called to save as many as you can. Not all horses have kind, loving homes. As a matter of fact, there’s over a 100,000 unwanted horses in the United States. Some are waiting in kill pens to be loaded into trailers and taken to slaughter facilities. You can make a difference by just becoming educated.

The Facts

Courtesy of Equine Rescue Network.
  • Average # of horses slaughtered each year: 137,000
  • Unwanted horses in the USA: 177,000
  • # of horses in rescues: 33,000

How You Can Help Save Horses

There are a few different ways you can make a BIG difference for these unwanted, slaughter-bound horses.

Save from an auction: For those experienced, outbidding a kill buyer will stop the horse from ending up in the wrong pen to begin with. Over 92% of at-risk horses are actually sound for riding. You could find a very nice horse! This option doesn’t come without risk though. Some may have health issues or limited training.

Adopt from a rescue: Most rescues are upfront about the horse. You’ll get a better understanding of the horse’s experience and soundness. They will help match you with the perfect horse for your needs.

Donate to a rescue: After doing proper research, find an organization you believe in and help support them financially. You can donate money, hay, bedding, tack, and even your time!

Write to congress: Put an end to horse slaughter by getting the government involved. Find your congressional representative and explain what’s going on. A sample letter can be found at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

What will you do to make a difference?