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Working with and around horses comes with many stresses. Sometimes it’s your horse suffering from stress during trail rides, trailering, training, or during a competition. You need a go-to option to help them cope with these everyday stresses.  

And, sometimes the fear of worrying about what your horse “might” do, affects how you handle yourself. Or maybe you have a lot of anxiety every time you enter the show pen. We all know horses feed off of this energy and the two of you can’t be your best once you’ve let your nerves take over. 

We’ve heard a lot of success stories from riders, sharing how much calmer they were and how they were able to perform better, as a team, simply by using all natural products from The Healing Cowgirl

Here are our top 3 stress relief solutions by this woman-owned business. 

For Your Horse:

Everyday Wellness – Full Spectrum Hemp Pellets

Directions: 1 tablespoon given twice per day. Since the pellets need to go through the gut first, better results with be seen with continued use. This is a great way to help keep your horses balanced on a daily basis, for life’s everyday stresses. 

Performance Ready – Full Spectrum Hemp Paste 

Help your horse reduce their stress so they can focus on you and their job. This is a must have when you need something to absorb quickly and go to work right away. Directions: 1-2 ccs given orally, 30-minutes prior to showing or any highly stressful situation. 

For the Rider: 

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Directions: With just one dropper, at least ten minutes before you show, you can find your inner peace, trust your animal and focus on the task at hand. 

Tap into your sense of calm and focus – Enjoy the Ride!