Do long days leave your horse’s muscles feeling sore and stiff for days on end? Help ease their pain and discomfort with some of our favorite topical remedies and solutions. Your horse deserves a strong recovery and to feel great every day!

Liniment Gel – Veterinary Strength

Draw It Out

$79.36 on Amazon

Draw out inflammation and pain with this topical liniment! This gel works to help horses recover from injury and joint/muscle soreness and stiffness. Keep your horse feeling their best at all times, they deserve it!

Topical Pain Relief Liniment Gel


$22.17 on Amazon

The go-to gel for maximum relief is here! This highly rated gel works quickly to reduce pain, swelling, arthritis, and discomfort in muscles and joints. Better yet, this gel can be used under leg wraps, keeping your horse happy and comfortable at all times!

Epsom Salt Poultice


$23.00 on Amazon

Natural, reliable relief is here! Epsom salt works naturally to heal everything from abscesses to strains and sore muscles. This all-in-one product is a must-have for your tack room! What’s not to love about this one?!

Veterinary Liniment Gel


$13.99 on Amazon

Must have product alert!! This liniment gel is tried and true, and a must-have for your med bag! This high-quality, veterinary-grade product provides fast relief, yet is still gentle and comfortable on the skin. And at this price point?! It’s a win-win!

Veterinary Liniment Wash


$14.16 on Amazon

Relieve your horse’s muscle discomfort and joint stiffness at any time, anywhere! This spay makes applying liniment so easy! You and your horse are sure to love this simple, yet effective spray!

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